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Moles, Skin Tags & Lesions

We all have lumps and bumps we wish weren't there. Now you can remove any of these little problems with a quick, safe and effective treatment.


All treatments including; benign skin lesions, moles & skin tags, are performed by Dr Bonnie.


How many treatments will I need?

Usually one treatment is needed, however some lesions may need repeat treatment.

Post care instructions

After the treatment a scab may form. Do not pick or remove the scab. Keep the wound dry and clean. There is a risk of hyper or hypopigmentation with this treatment or a scar formation. Please use good sun protection to prevent this from happening.



Single lesion

Additional lesions


from 50

Lesions, moles and skin tag laser removal Port Stephens and Nelson Bay New Leaf Cosmetic C

Before & After

Real Clients - Real Results

Moles skin tags and lesions Seborrhoeic wart.jpg
Moles skin tags and lesions sebborhoeic keratosis.jpg
Moles skin tags and lesions .jpg
Moles skin tags and lesion.jpg
Moles skin tags and lesions - single lesion
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