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Facial Treatments

We offer the Synergie Practitioner range of facial treatments along with Synergie Practitioner medical grade chemical peels. We also stock a wide range of Synergie Skin & Synergie Practitioner products, so you can optimise your skin care routine at home in between treatments.
Talk to our staff about your areas of concern so they can recommend the right products for your skin’s condition..​

For even better results we recommend combining your facial treatments with LED light.

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Deep Power Clense Facial Men's Facial Port Stephens and Nelson Bay New LEaf Cosmetic Clini

Deep Power Cleanse

This facial is suitable for oily skin types or skin prone to breakouts.


This 45 min treatment will not only relax every muscle in your body, but will also help remove impurities, Your skin will be detoxed with a clay mask packed with clarifying antioxidants, including active and hydrating products suitable for your skin types. The skin will not only feel cleansed and balanced, but also soft and hydrated.

What skin is this for?

  • Oily

  • Congested

  • Mild comedonal acne.






3 Treatments

Save 20%



Skin Rescue

Skin Rescue Medi-Facial

Our Skin Rescue medi-facial will leave your skin feeling relaxed, revived and regenerated.


This 60 min treatment will lower your stress levels with a scalp, arm and hand massage leaving your skin luxuriously plump and restored. It is great choice for clients with normal to dry skin, though can be adapted to each individual client on the day.

What skin is this for?


  • Ageing

  • Dehydrated

  • Sun damaged

  • Pre-event.






3 Treatments

Save 20%




New Leaf Signature Facial

Relax and unwind whilst melting away dryness with our most popular facial - the New Leaf signature facial.


Enjoy 75 mins of pure bliss and wipe away stress with a scalp, hand and arm massage during your treatment. We combine powerful antioxidants and hydrating active products, including a revitalising enzyme exfoliant. A Bio-Alginate mask resting over your face infusing calming facial oils and serums leaves your skin feeling nourished and plumped. This facial is suitable for all ages and it can be adapted to each individual client .


We highly recommend this facial in a combination with the LED light .
What skin is this for?
Suitable for all ages and all skin types as we adapt the treatment to suit your skin.






3 Treatments

Save 20%




Laser Genesis

Our Laser Genesis (a.k.a. Laser Facial) will leave your skin feeling firmer, fresher and brighter.


Laser Genesis can help with ageing skin, sun damaged skin, large pores, acne, rosacea and redness. It is perfect for treating the skin on the face, neck and décolletage, but can also be used for the abdomen, knees and upper arms. 


We usually recommend 3-5 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart. A popular option is application of this treatment just before that 'Special Event'.

Post treatment care

There may be a mild sunburn sensation and redness for a few hours after the treatment. The usual skin care and make up may be used after the treatment.

Combination treatments

For that special glow, we highly recommend combining Laser Genesis with LED light and/or a Peel.

Allow 30 mins.


Full face

Neck & décolletage
Full face, neck & décolletage
Layered Genesis (Full Face)








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Laser Facial
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