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Deposits are becoming the norm for a wide variety of businesses as they attempt to re-establish themselves after lengthy and recurrent lockdowns. Last minute cancellations do not allow for recouping the costs of products, staffing or other potential customers who were turned away due to an apparent lack of availability.

As is standard (and expected) in the majority of Doctor led clinics, we don't double book or try to 'squeeze' an appointment between other treatments.  We allocate the time required for your doctor, nurse or therapist to provide a safe and personalised treatment, to optimise the outcome each and every time. As a number of our treatments are medical procedures, there are certain risks (sometimes severe) which need time, expertise and precision to be avoided. This can not be rushed. Some of these appointments require up to 90 mins, thus a no show or last minute cancellation can be a considerable impediment to others that could not be offered an appointment that day, let alone the business.

Some procedures can come with a little bit of pre-treatment anxiety (we know), thus a deposit ensures you are only booking when you are truly ready to go ahead.

We are continuing to request a $100 deposit for injectable appointments and 50% of the price of laser or beauty services, as outlined in social media posts. This is taken at the time of booking (online, over the phone or in person), documented in your notes and deducted from the balance remaining on the day of treatment. If you are booking to utilise a treatment pre-purchased as a series, the cost of that treatment is considered the deposit amount.

If a deposit has not been taken, we will attempt to contact you and leave a message if you are unavailable - if we don't hear from you within 48 hours, we will assume you're just not quite ready or have changed your mind. We will offer your appointment time to someone else.

We understand changes happen in each of our lives - no more than in the last 2 years - which is why we ask you to let us know in advance, so we can reschedule you for when the time is right.

It is important to note that if an appointment is missed, cancelled or changed within 24 hours of your treatment, your deposit will not be refunded or transferred to your next booking.

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