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Plump & Smooth Fillers

Soft, plump and smooth skin is within your grasp. Whether you want to add volume or improve your skin texture, dermal fillers are a minimally invasive, non-permanent way to create a youthful glow. Dermal fillers are a natural substance that also help hydrate your skin inspiring a fresh dewy look. 

Our doctor lead team carefully tailor your treatment to ensure a subtle, natural enhancement you will love. We use high quality dermal fillers which are skillfully placed.

How does it work? 

As we age, our face loses volume and our skin quality deteriorates, this in conjunction with less collagen production, leads to our skin sagging and becoming loose, with fine lines and wrinkles. With dermal fillers we aim to ‘fill in’ the lost volume and give the skin a more youthful appearance


Does it hurt?
This is a minimally invasive treatment, however some people may experience discomfort.


How long does the treatment last? 
.Dermal filers are not a permanent treatment, however the effects typically last between 6-18 months, Results and longevity will vary from person to person and the area that has been injected.

We treat a range of areas listed below

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Replace the lost volume in the cheeks and give a full, contoured look. Adding volume to the cheeks also lifts the mid-face and creates a more youthful look.

Restore or create volume, enhance definition, and improve symmetry to create beautiful luscious lips.

Marionette Lines
These lines run from the corners of the mouth to the chin and give people a constant sad or angry look. Fillers can be injected to remedy this appearance.

Accordian Lines
Accordion lines, or extended smile, are the static lines present on the outer-side of the mouth, caused by smiling or laughing. Dermal fillers treat these lines, so you can continue to laugh or smile without restraint. 

With filler we can change the shape of the chin, hence creating a more proportionate face or a more balanced profile.


With age, the veins and the tendons on the back of the hands become more visible and the skin sags. Sun damage also contributes to the aging of the hands. We can use dermal filler to replace volume. Sometimes, after review in 2 weeks, more filler may be needed, however, we suggest you discuss with your practitioner your options, potentially adding other relevant interventions.


As we age temples become more hollow and this can be treated with dermal fillers to restore the lost volume to create a more youthful appearance.


For more defined jawline and more structure to the lower third of the face.

Tear through filler
This is the area just under the eyes that sometimes can be perceived as more dark or more hollow, which in return can create a more tired look. Adding volume to this area will create a fresher look.

Non-surgical nose reshaping
For any concerns regarding nose shape i.e.  small dips or lumps, we can do corrections with small amounts of dermal filler.

Liquid face lift
For overall rejuvenation to improve sagginess and hollowness. It is a more and more popular procedure due to increased popularity in non-surgical treatments as alternative to plastic surgery.



The treatment price will vary depending on the area being treated, aesthetic goals & what type of product is needed to treat that particular area.

1/2 mL    1mL     2mL     3mL     4mL     5mL

400        600     1100      1600    2000    2400


Dermal fillers are a common procedure, however, rarely, complications can occur and you need to be aware of them. We can treat complications in the clinic.

Typical side effects after the procedure: 

  • Bruising – can take up to 10 days to resolve

  • Tenderness in the area that has been treated

  • Swelling

  • Asymmetry

Rare side effects that may need urgent attention are: 

  • White discolouration of the skin in or around the region that has been treated

  • Mottled red appearance of the skin

  • Skin turning black in or around the treated area

  • Signs of infection – warmth and redness with discomfort in the areas of treatment with dermal filler

  • Intense discomfort in the treated area

Eyesight problems have been reported after dermal filler, including blindness, thankfully, this is extremely rare. We encourage you to discuss in detail your desired aesthetic goals, so our experienced team can guide you through your decision making process, ensuring both the clinician and yourself are happy to proceed.


Before & After

Real Clients - Real Results

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